Will my child have a lot of pain?



Without taking into account the fact that an infant's nerves aren’t fully developed, the actual bris pain isn't as severe as it appears. The reason being, that besides for all the equipment being sterile according to medical regulations, every aspect of the circumcision is performed with the utmost care and love for your child’s comfort. The instruments used are specially designed so that mother and baby enjoy this happy occasion to the best of their ability, before, during and after the Bris. It should be noted, that just like when you change the diaper of any infant under the age of one month, the baby will almost always cry, because infants aren’t accustomed to feeling air on that area, similarly, before the Bris, as the Mohel reveals that area while preparing your infant, you will usually hear your child cry a little. However, after the Bris, from when the child is wrapped up again and being named, in almost all cases, you won't hear your child cry, as he's once again comfortable.