Caution list:   


Don't put the baby to sleep on his\her stomach or side, at least until 12 months old.

Don't smoke, and don't allow visitors to smoke in your home.

Don't let the baby sleep with an adult in water bed.

Don't let the baby sleep on a beanbag or sleeping cushion filled   
with polyester foam beads, or a sheepskin.  (Use a fitted sheet if possible)

Don't use heavy blankets that restrict his\her movements. A baby bunting is preferable in cold weather

Don't use walkers or Jolly Jumpers !

Don't use cotton swabs to clean ear or nasal canals !

Don't use microwaves to heat a baby's bottle !

Don't use honey the first year !

Don't leave an infant alone on dressing table (even strapped).

Don't leave electrical outlets uncovered. Make sure all electrical  outlets and wires are made safe  for crawling infants.

Don't use toys with sharp pieces.

Don't use toys with small pieces or liquids that a child could easily swallow .

Don't use dolls or stuffed animals with attached eyes or buttons  that are easily detached. Make sure the toys are deemed safe.

Don't add water to vaporizer or humidifer without washing and  drying completely first everyday.

Don't keep the baby's room too hot. Make the room where the baby sleeps comfortably warm.

Temperature should be 60 to 66 degrees at night, 68 to 70 degrees during the day.

Don't let the baby sleep in your bed, arrange a separate sleeping  place for the baby. If at all possible. If you take the baby into your bed to nurse or feed, put him back in his bed when he is finished.

Don't use cribs with wide spaces between bars. Make sure the crib  you use has bars close together (no more than 2 3\8" apart), so the baby's head cannot get caught, and fill in any space between the mattress  and the crib sides.




Babies sometimes get a hair or thread from a sleeper twisted around a toe or finger.  This can be very dangerous because circulation can be cut off from the digit.  If the hair cannot be completely removed, either by unraveling ,using a scissor or melting the hair with nail or another depilatory we should be notified immediately or the child should be taken to the emergency room.  In order to prevent this from happening, sleepers should be washed and stored with the feet inside out. In this way, the feet can be examined for hairs or loose threads before dressing the baby.



All toys or any object that child would place in their mouths should be certified lead free. (i.e. some crayons made in China had lead)





Please call the office or leave an urgent message with our answering  service if your child develops a temperature of 101 not associated with an immunization) so that the doctor can evaluate the condition properly.


While babies generally have a strong gag reflex, some foods present a special danger of choking. Pieces of hot dog, candy, peanuts or other nuts, popcorn, and grapes are the most common cause of fatal  accidents with food:  avoid feeding them and similiar foods until your baby is at least 3 years old! 

If you haven't taken a CPR (cardio-pulmonary resucitation) course, now is the time to sign up for one.  The courses are offered by the Red Cross, YMCA, and other organizations.